Explore Connected Business

Explore Connected Business

Connected businesses grow revenue and outperform peers by increasing customer engagement, enhancing productivity, and seizing market opportunity. A connected business seamlessly integrates people, process, and data across an extended value chain, decreases interaction cost, and automatically adapts business activity in response to market events.

The connected business environment is:

  • Integrated: accelerates interactions inside and outside the organization
  • Accessible: reduces interaction friction and cost
  • Collaborative: increases engagement and enhances productivity
  • Adaptive: senses business activity and automatically adapt

Why attend?

  • Learn how to manage the burgeoning technology stack that most enterprises are struggling with, such as the growth of bigdata technologies, mobile applications, social demands, cloud technologies and initiatives, and the growing use of more and more SaaS vendors for mission critical functions.
  • Learn about how to unify the IT management problem of APIs, applications and mobile using a social Enterprise Store. WSO2 Mobile BYOD capabilities, API management everywhere and PaaS combine to create an API Centric architecture. API Centric enables re-use, transparency, manageability and agility for IT infrastructure.
  • BigData is being used more and more not just for social data but also for operations data. Learn how you can automate and manage your infrastructure better with BigData, CEP and Cloud technologies.