Explore WSO2 Cloud

Explore WSO2 Cloud

When IT is responsive, business users can safely and efficiently fulfill their needs. The entire team can sense business opportunity, adapt, and respond in a timely manner. Cloud’s on-demand self-service and resource pooling reduces time to market. Teams build solutions using composable building blocks, and adapt solutions based on context surrounding the opportunity. For example, a bank can re-use bank services in a new market and plug-in local regulations.

WSO2 Cloud re-invents the application platform to deliver flexible access; improve project total cost of ownership (TCO), and transform application delivery.

Why attend?

  • Learn how WSO2 enterprise PaaS accelerates agility and how Apache Stratos powers an open PaaS strategy.
  • Learn how WSO2 App Factory, the open source Ecosystem PaaS Platform, is enabling organizations to build, test, stage and deploy applications, APIs and mobile applications controlled centrally but also in a social way across their entire Ecosystem of partners, customers and extended partners.
  • Learn how to reduce costs using WSO2 PaaS and WSO2 App Factory, shorten development times, standardize operations and deployment, reduce cost, and maximize re-use and resource sharing.

Meet the Team

Bring your own app and host it in the WSO2 Cloud. Preview the WSO2Cloud and learn more about App Factory, aPaaS and iPaaS, API as a service & Apache Stratos.