Explore WSO2Mobile

Explore WSO2Mobile

Enterprises are rapidly moving towards establishing a Mobile First Strategy. WSO2Mobile was incorporated to build a complete enterprise mobility solution towards addressing challenges faced when moving to a mobile first era. At this year’s WSO2Con, our newest subsidiary WSO2Mobile is debuting, sharing our vision towards enterprise mobility.

Why attend?

  • Why mobile technology is one of the bigger focus areas for many enterprises today, learn about challenges ranging from proliferation of diverse smart devices (BYOD), to building mobile applications for the new enterprise (MEAP) and the emerging open source platform for mobile.
  • Understand the importance of developing an effective plan for mobile device management that enables enterprises to adopt the BYOD concept as well as ensuring agility, manageability and security
  • Learn about mobile BYOD for enterprises, Enterprise Store and integrated PaaS with Mobile to create a more efficient and manageable mobile MEAP development and deployment infrastructure

Meet the Team

Get a detailed demo on Mobile Device Management and Application Management by visiting the WSO2Mbile Demo Station.